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Unique experiences in Bel Paese

SAND SRL and CMT D.O.O., two lively companies that for over 10 years have been organizing experiences and tourist packages to make young people travel around the world, strengthen their collaboration by creating Living Dolce Vita. The project aims to make the Italian territory known across the border, developing unique experiences in Bel Paese, that will make you discover all the faces that this destination has to offer, but not only…

We’ll walk through the streets of ancient cities, have great time practising sports surrounded by nature, taste the traditional cuisine while discovering the true meaning of Dolce Vita’s philosophy.

Italy has no equal for the variety of landscapes and cultural wealth, so we have created itineraries for all tastes! Every experience is designed to offer you the right mix of culture, nature, sport and enogastronomy, to make you not miss anything. You’ll decide which package is better for you, are you a museum or mountain bike type? Choose between outdoor adventure or cultural experience!

Do you dream of visiting your heart place but it is not among the tours proposed by us? No worries, we also make tailor-made trips, team building and school trips.

Experiences we offer

Team Building

In the frame of Lake Garda, you can choose from countless experiences to live with your team! Enjoy the variety of activities that can be organized a few kilometers from the Slovenian border to live unforgettable moments together with your colleagues, to improve the harmony and develop new skills! Take paths that open the view of the largest lake in Italy, choose local restaurants that lead to discover traditional flavors, cycle through the amazing nature. Between one Italian excellence and another, test yourself with your staff, get out of the comfort zone and live unique experiences!

Cutural Experiences

The mix of attractions that you can find between these two cities is unparalleled, both destinations are Italian capitals of culture, it’s time to visit them and not to miss the cultural and artistic activities that will be organized in them. “A capital that integrates two cities to multiply their value and experiences”, it’s written on the official website of the annual event that promotes Italian culture. In the next months, during the autumn, both cities will schedule many cultural events: photo exhibitions, art expositions, educational sessions and many other activities dedicated to all ages.

Sledding in Vipiteno

A small village in Sud Tyrol is the ideal destination for a relaxing getaway, the destination is Vipiteno, a jewel of alpine charm. Kick off your holiday with a walk through the historic center and stop for a hot chocolate. Wear your swimsuit relax at the Balneum, a Paradise with hot pools and Spa. Choose a restaurant for the perfect dinner and taste local specialties: “canederli”, polenta, and speck. The next day starts with delicious brunch in the hotel, then reach the rental point and you are ready to jump on the sled, 10 km of descent in the snowy woods for a day of adventure!

Night sledding in Bormio

Reach the alpine hostel, a warm gem located in Bormio. Wear your swimsuit and jump into the free thermal pools immersed in the woods. Forget the luxury spas: these are natural, no changing rooms, nor showers! You’ll be immersed in the nature, get dressed quickly, outside is cold! It’s time to take a walk at dusk to reach the warm hut that will host you for dinner. Typical meal and then ready to sled in the moonlight. Night rest in the alpine hostel. Time for breakfast! What are you doing today? Too many possibilities, would you better ski on the Stelvio Pass or relax in a charming spa?

Flavors and colors in the Langhe

Discovering the territory of the Piedmonts’ Langhe, tasting local flavors, and visiting small colorful villages. Start your journey by reaching Barbaresco where the medieval tower open a 360 views of the surrounding area. Stop to enjoy lunch in a farm to discover the excellent flavors of this area. Reach the Agriostello delle Langhe that will host you for the night, immersed in the countryside. Enjoy the typical dinner and a relaxing night. After breakfast start the trekking that will take you to discover the vineyards. Enjoy the view of the Barolo hills and stop for lunch in a local winery.

Biking in Val di Sole

A weekend of adventures in Val di Sole. Let’s start on board the e-bikes to venture into “Val di Rabbi”, one of the most beautiful valleys in the area. After biking it’s time to enjoy an excellent local dinner to taste the typical tastes of this area. To get back to the hotel, get on your bike and enjoy a night ride under the moonlight. After overnight let’s have breakfast and it’s time to get on board the bikes, today without the help of the e-bike propulsion, but rest assured, the itinerary is almost all downhill! To close the weekend let’s enjoy a delicious barbecue and then a crazy golf challenge!

Rafting adventure!

An adventurous weekend among the valleys and rapids of Trentino! Reach the B&B that will host you for the night and it’s time to start discovering: jump on the rafts and start two hours of descents, curves and paddling along one of the best rivers in the world for this adrenaline sport! In the evening enjoy an excellent dinner in a mountain hut, to taste the typical flavors. The day after you will challenge yourself with e-biking. A morning among the mountain meadows and peaks, will seem to be in Paradise! To conclude this adventure, outdoor barbecue, and a crazy golf challenge.

Kayaking in the Dolomites!

Reach the shore of Santa Giustina lake for a kayaking experience. After some paddling you will reach the Canyon of Rio Novella, passing through unexplored landscapes that the water has carved into the rock. To end the day enjoy an excellent dinner at the hut tasting local delights: cheese, meat, delicious desserts and much more! A new day of adventures: enjoy an e-bike excursion among the typical views of the Dolomites: boundless fields and mountains to surround. To close the weekend, enjoy outdoor barbecue and a crazy golf challenge. Who will be the best player?

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